For mental wellbeing referrals from health care and education professionals

Reach is a service for children and young people living in Coventry, aged 5-18, who are suffering from poor mental health for example low self esteem, anger or anxiety.

Services include:

  • Counselling – Face to face or on-line
  • Therapeutic Group Work
  • Peer Support Groups
  • On line self help tools and activities

These services are provided at our own centres and other community venues. Our staff team includes Counsellors, Primary Mental Health Workers, Nurses, Occupational Therapists and Volunteers.

The current referral process is to use the CW Rise site. To make a referral use the following link: Referrals to Reach.

Please note the different referral form for Neurodevelopmental services. Referrals can be made by a school or medical professional.

It is highly recommended you use the Dimensions assessment tool and include the results in your referral . This can be done by an educational representative, healthcare professional or parent/ carer.

Attending Reach

Whilst attending the Reach service, any child or young person has the right to:

  • request a different worker access any information that we hold about them
  • refuse the service if they do not want to engage

Opening times
Our office is open Monday to Thursday between 9am and 4.30pm and Friday 9am to 4.00pm. Some services are provided in the evenings and on a Saturday.
If you have any further queries about anything regarding the Reach service, please contact us on 02477 712277